CURT 6-5/8" Recessed Tie-Down Backing Plate for #83740 or #83742 #83610

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CURT 6-5/8" Recessed Tie-Down Backing Plate for #83740 or #83742 #83610
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Limited Lifetime Warranty (One-Year Finish, One-Year Parts)
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Recessed Tie-Down Backing Plate
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Making sure that your cargo is tied down and fully secure for the journey is important for any towing job. Not only is unsecured cargo a danger to you, your passengers and your fellow drivers, but it can also cause damage to your trailer, pickup truck bed or vehicle cargo area, as well as to the cargo itself. Together with our cargo straps and safety chains, CURT tiedown anchors are easy to mount in any trailer, truck or full-size van, and they help keep your items safe for the road ahead.

This recessed tiedown backing plate is designed to strengthen a tiedown anchor with its steel construction and square mounting holes. The recessed feature allows it to remain flush with the mounting surface and out of the way when not in use, making it especially useful for truck beds and passenger vehicles. It features two holes to fit CURT tiedowns #83740 and #83742. With 13/32" square bolt holes, spaced 2" apart center to center, this backing plate is able to accept carriage bolts for a more secure installation. The plate features a total diameter of 6-5/8" and has a zinc-plated finish for excellent rust resistance. Mounting screws are not included in this package.