Do you Price match?

The price we charge is based on our cost, We have made every effort to offer the fairest price we can. In most cases we do have the best delivered price. If you do see the same Premium (= top-quality) brand offered at a lower delivered price, Please send an email with a link to the lower price and we will reply. Depending on the parts you are interested in and your location we may be able to adjust our pricing to win your Business. Please include all the part numbers you would like and your shipping zip code.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Residents of Illinois will be charged 8.25% sales tax

Is hardware included?

All trailer hitches will come with complete hardware and instructions.

Can I call to check stock?

As one of the largest dealers of towing Products we most likely do have your trailer hitch in stock, However We can only guarantee an item is in stock by processing an order, If Hitchmart is aware that an item is on backorder It will be noted next to the Add to cart button. 99.9% Of all items ordered are in stock, Therefore Please assume the item is in stock unless otherwise noted. If any part of the order will not ship Hitchmart will notify you by phone or email within a couple hours of your order.

Who is Curt?

We are the FIRST Name in Towing Products

CURT is the leading manufacturer of American-made towing products. We specialize in custom-fit trailer hitches and custom wiring harnesses, produced right here in the United States. We also offer a broad range of other towing products and accessories to fully equip our customers for the road ahead.

A few of our defining qualities include:


  • Made-in-USA custom-fit trailer hitches and wiring
  • ISO / TS 16949 certification for quality manufacturing
  • Leading first-to-market track record and order-fill rate
  • A full line of towing products, including heavy-duty equipment


CURT is a family of over 500 associates. We believe that the customer is KINGand our associates are our greatest ASSET. From our manufacturing facility in Eau Claire, WI to our ten regional warehouses across North America, we are proud to offer our customers reliable service and dependable American-made towing products.


At CURT, we continue to set the standard in our industry for manufacturing capabilities and product innovation. We employ the latest technology with everything from cutting edge design software to advanced robotic welding to unique finishing processes. With these tools and our dedicated team of associates, we are able to lead in first-to-market designs and offer an unmatched order-fill rate.

What if I refuse a shipment?

Once an Item is shipped we do incur Shipping Fee's. If an item is Refused for any reason (Unless Instructed By Hitchmart) These fee's will be passed on to the customer who Refused the Shipment.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Delivery takes 1-5 business days depending on shipping zip code